Three Things You Need to Know Before Meeting with Your Wedding Florist

Choosing the flowers for your upcoming wedding is one of the most exciting planning moments in the entire process. The right floral arrangements and bouquets bring a gorgeous wedding to life and amplify the natural beauty of the venue and bridal party. If you’re working with a great wedding planner in Brisbane, then he or she has most likely provided you with a list of local florists that provide lovely arrangements and bouquets. However, not all florists have the same style or eye for detail, so it takes some time to research the best florist for your theme and colour palette.

Visual Examples

Once you’ve decided on a wedding florist in Brisbane, he or she will set up an initial meeting to discuss your vision. Remember that images are better than a verbal description of all your expectations, so try to bring along a few visual examples, or pull up your vision board. This will help your florist understand exactly what you’re looking for, and he or she will be able to recommend types of flowers available in your colour scheme and wedding season. Stay open to modifications, and expect the florist to recommend a variety of options for achieving the look you want on your wedding day.

Total Cost

Floral arrangements, bouquets, and decor are a significant portion of your wedding budget, but don’t be afraid to communicate exactly what your budget is to the florist. Letting them know that you have a certain amount of money to spend will allow them to suggest options which fit the budget from the start. If you plan on having an abundance of flowers and natural arrangements, plan to spend a greater part of your budget on the florist, and try not to push back on the price after doing the research and choosing this particular florist. Additionally, account for extra costs, such as set-up and breakdown, tips, and possible taxes.

Know Your Stuff

It will help you immensely to know some types of flowers ahead of time, even if the florist provides you with photos of each type. The ability to communicate in “flower language” with your florist will help the process go smoothly and additionally show your florist that you are invested and care in the floral designs. However, remember that not all flowers will be in season, and this will impact the price. Spend plenty of time before the first meeting researching what flowers are in season the month of your wedding, and try to structure your floral vision around them. Additionally, your florist will be able to show you what flowers convey the type of style your wedding will have, from roses for a classic vibe to protea and greenery for a modern edge. After plenty of research and communication, your florist will bring your venue to the next level with stunning floral and nature arrangements that communicate both your character and style.