The Right Advise for the Right Marriage

Check out the tips and testimonials we separate to help you decide if there is a need to hire a marriage counselor or not.

Marriage is one of the most special days of a couple, and everything needs to be perfect for the bride and groom. But for this to happen the task is not easy, and sometimes the brides need a little more help to make everything go as planned. For this team of helpers, who can also be family and friends, there are professionals in the wedding market, the wedding services. The bestWedding Planner brings the best support there.

But, after all, what does a wedding consultant do?

In the months leading up to the wedding, the advisory service should start with: getting to know the bride and groom very well, after all, the advice will represent them before the suppliers deciding all the details of how the event will be. They will be responsible for setting up the entire schedule of the event and ensuring that all suppliers correctly deliver the contractor, so that everything goes perfect on the Big Day.

Many grooms hire the active or passive RSVP service in these companies, that is, the advice is responsible for confirming the presence of the guests, contacting all the guests or just checking the confirmations via site, email or telephone. This service is usually charged separately because it demands time and attention.


On the long-awaited day the advisory service is to accompany the assembly of the party, the delivery of all suppliers and all goods, and prepare if any unforeseen occur. In addition, it is the role of the advisory to take care of the ceremonial of the church and the entrances to the party, songs, reception of the guests and the like.

The bride also needs special attention. The counselor provides a person to accompany the bride and groom throughout the event in order to ensure their well-being.


At the end of the party, the advice is responsible for checking what was left, such as drinks, and the unforeseen events, such as breaking of dishes and loss of materials. Thus, newlyweds can embark on a leisurely honeymoon. Check out the pros and cons to hire or not to hire these professionals. You just need the proper Wedding Planning for the task now.


Yes, I want to hire an advisory.

The majority of women unfold in many tasks: work, home, studies, anyway, the rush are great. Imagine in the preparations for the Great Day. The wedding calls for lots of detail and attention, and at this stage the couples are also setting up the new house too, which demands even more time, and there are many new things happening at the same time. In this rush, sometimes the time is short to devote as it should and like the marriage. And for these cases, wedding counseling can be a great option. In addition to already knowing the majority of the suppliers of the market, and having already established a relation of confidence with them, the advice can bargain prices and indicate the most suitable suppliers for each type of ceremony.